Via Monte Napoleone, 22 20121 Milan, Italy

+39 02 76005441

The foundation of Vetrerie di Empoli spa dates back to 1938. Originally, the company dealt with the production of its distinctive green glass, but over the years it has moved towards increasingly elegant and sophisticated products, which draws inspiration from the Italian old artistic tradition. At the moment, the showroom is located in Milan in via Monte Napoleone, where our products are presented to and admired by a sophisticated international clientele.

The store extends over different rooms, each one with a different theme. The first room is entirely dedicated to goblets and glasses, produced by ourselves: the range is extremely wide, as every glass differs from the others by shape, decorations and colour. Glasses decorated with pure gold and platinum can inspire new ideas to set the table in an original, elegant and unique way. From the most simple to the most sophisticated, our range meets the taste of all customers. The Vintage area displays antique objects which walk visitors through old memories and nostalgic feelings. Similarly, the area dedicated to the magic world of Christmas, with its precious decorations, makes everyone feel like they’re little again.