Via Monte Napoleone, 17 20121 Milano, Italy

02 7601 4530

​“The opening of the new Pomellato boutique on the fourth most luxurious and prestigious street in the world represents a strategic move to enhance the brand’s visibility with international customers”, remarks Sabina Belli, CEO of Pomellato. “Pomellato collaborated with DIMORESTUDIO to create a boutique, which pays homage to the unconventional spirit of Milan – a city that has always shown its own confident and unique style”.Pomellato is delighted to announce the opening of its new boutique on Via Montenapoleone – the beating heart of the Milan fashion district – welcoming visitors into an intimate and distinctive space, and highlighting the brand’s balance between contemporary luxury, timeless craftsmanship and‘unconventional’ soul. The new store concept, devised by DIMORESTUDIO exclusively for Pomellato, offers visitors a unique experience by creating a new visual and tactile journey into the world of Pomellato. The constant dialogue between the space and the jewellery embraces a new illustrative vision that breaks the rules of traditional presentation and allows clients to enjoy direct and spontaneous contact with the jewellery, just as though they were in their own home. Inspired by the brand’s Milanese identity and the specific architectural codes of the ‘60s – the era of the brand’s birth – the boutique’s façade features a retro-styled sign made of black glass and gold finishing. The allusion to the jewellery is immediately present as one approaches the entrance through the designof the door handle, which recalls the smooth and curved contours of the iconic Pomellato band ring. The shop window, equally sleek, rebels against the classic boxy window display where pieces of jewellery seem locked up and lifeless. Pomellato envisioned their display, on the contrary, as a high totem free and open and composed of multiple, movable shelves, which can open and close alternately to reveal ever-changing precious surprises. This dynamic and harmonious showcase is framed by a stylish brass grillage, which unfolds from the window into the interior creating a texture of gold chains and oval lines, repeatedly evoked in the surrounding furnishings. The first room features deep red lacquered walls and a graphic carpet with warm and complementaryshades and one is instantly reminded of the ‘colourful’ soul of Pomellato as well as Milan’s historical architecture. Customers are invited to discover the jewellery through special cabinets, which appear to float in mid-air thanks to the backlit panel. In the middle of the room, the central display cabinet features brushed steel, briar-root wood and brass; its oval shape heralds the form of two black consoles, which hide trays that seamlessly open like fans to unveil the jewels and offer the well-known firework of colours and shapes of Pomellato designs. A short passageway leads to the second space, where time expands into a softer and more relaxing ambience, marked by similar lacquered surfaces, amethyst purple velvet sofas, low stools and a folding screen made of silky fabric of morganite powder pink hues. The final architectural touch is the champagne-toned steel ceiling, inspired by the Art Nouveau era. Its brass-edged mirrors faceted like the stones of Pomellato jewellery bring together the entire space and offer a sensational rhythm of reflections and shimmer that turns the lamps into pearls of light dancing on the collections. “We wanted to envision a new experience for the customers, transporting them into a dream world where materials and details from other times are woven together in a contemporary spirit”, explain Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran from DIMORESTUDIO. “For every space or environment we create, we always try to infuse it with a unique flavour through the use of unusual and unexpected colours. In this case, the bold style and distinctive design of Pomellato, its colourful heritage and strong emotional bond with Milan offered us many inspiring ideas”.