Via Monte Napoleone, 26 20121 Milano, Italia

+39 02 76014184

The Pinko boutique in via Monte Napoleone 26 pioneers a new concept in the image of its stores. Steven Scott, master of light, designed a sun-shaped lighting fixture which constantly changes colour, using a wide range of hues specific for Pinko. A charming art collection which is gradually taking shape, making the boutique not only a point of sale, but also a display for art. Drawing inspiration from the peculiar historic bourgeois buildings of the end of the nineteenth century, the store is divided into a sequence of rooms. The defining features, too, are inspired by the bourgeois style: flooring in dried oak with worn finish, large portals in rusted iron separating one room from another, photographic wall paper with augmented pattern. And then the special room: a dark space, with walls covered in soft silk carpet, a table in precious onyx in the middle and an opening towards a small inner garden. A room designed for VIPs and for anyone who wants to experience a luxurious lifestyle.