Via Monte Napoleone, 8 20121 Milan, Italy

+39 02 76005599

Founded in 1817, Cova is one of the oldest confectioneries in Milan, situated in the city centre, where is now the famous “quadrilatero della moda”. In the past, here patriots of the Five Days of Milan used to meet, but then it turned into a meeting place for wealthy Milanese, international tourists and VIPs. Confectionery boutiques and restaurants enrich the Near East, with different points of sale in Hong Kong, Tokyo and Shanghai. A number of suggestions for a refined light lunch, a wide range of salads, first and second courses, canapés and sandwiches made with our own bread. A temple for breakfast, it offers 13 different types of brioches and a number of mouth-watering breakfast packages. The confectionery is renowned for its Panettone, chocolate and pralines, but also for its Sachertorte, the “success story” of the store’s production. And do not forget to try the “Covino” happy hour.