Via Sant’Andrea, 21 20121 Milano, Italia

+39 02 76001799

In the prestigious store in Milano’s Via S. Andrea, characterised by peculiar ‘L’ shape gradually unveiling the inner spaces and by a second entrance located in Via della Spiga, Miu Miu expresses its avant-garde spirit with a new approach.

From outside, the store shows its charismatic, feminine image, through rich design, featuring damask and striped steel. The entrances, beautifully framed in polished steel profiles, lead into a 370-square metres space that runs deep inside the building, like a bright, elegant exhibition gallery.

In this store, designed by architect Roberto Baciocchi, Miu Miu’s image transforms, whilst keeping its identity unchanged and striking a new balance between classic and contemporary elements.

The iconic damask fabric wraps around the store’s walls, matching the modern transparent honeycomb mirrored surface of the display niches. Due to the extreme brightness, the combination of these two elements beautifully highlights the brand’s collections.

A diffused, enveloping light radiates from the ceiling, made of the same innovative material; together with the precious matte black marble terrazzo flooring, it contributes to create a very sophisticated atmosphere.

The environment is enhanced by the mohair velvet seats with polished steel frames.