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Born and raised in Florence, Ippolita Rostagno has nourished a lifelong influence of culture and art. Her father was an Italian avant-garde theater director, and her mother an American decorative painter. In the botteghe of jewelers on the Ponte Vecchio, Rostagno cultivated an admiration for the intricate techniques of jewelry making. In the streets and museums, she acquired a discerning eye for what makes art relevant to life.

In 1999, having identified a void for fine jewelry that could be worn every day, she created a line of her own. Her lifelong fascination with the female form and her background in sculpture led her to create a signature language of organic silhouettes and sculpted forms. Her metal of choice is 18K gold, for which she has formulated a unique, proprietary alloy. With shapes imprinted directly on her body, Rostagno has created a line of jewelry that has an unmistakable style, to which women are drawn to its inherent wearability. IPPOLITA jewelry is sold in the finest department stores as well as her flagship stores in Milan, New York, and Chicago.