Via Monte Napoleone, 5 20121 Milan, Italy

+39 02 76011174

With the New Store in Via Montenapoleone 5 Hogan launches an innovative Concept that reflects its identity and values. This is an exclusively designed space occupying 2 floors and it is meant to introduce the guests to Hogan’s Brand Universe. Unique, essential yet unconventional, it reinterprets the iconic elements of the products exuding energy together with wanderlust.

Beyond the threshold and the spacious vetrines, everyday materials are combined with prestigious ones, creating a refined balance of contrasts: wood and brass, plaster and natural stone, glass and velvet.

Solidity and movement are the real protagonists, in a celebration of abstractionism and futurism.

Light also plays an important role as it is designed to enhance the context and create movement through projections and rear-projections.

Hogan footwear versatility is reflected in the ductility of the Store, adaptable to every occasion thanks to a modern system for space definition.

The welcoming and dynamic atmosphere that identifies the ambience leads back to the urban and cosmopolitan spirit of a timeless but contemporary Brand, that travels “at the speed of your life”.