Via Santo Spirito, 5 20121 Milano, Italia

+39 02 3701 1903

Walk passing the door at 5 Santo Spirito Street, in Milan, the brightness and the chromatic-stylistic choices capture the visitor with an instant immersion in the colors and the emotions of Capri, the island where Chantecler comes from and to whom it belongs.

The luxury on the inside is not simple ostentation of gold and precious stones, but a meaningful choice of materials: the combination of glass, stone and prickly pear cactus fiber, typical of the Mediterranean area, refine the sophisticated essentiality of the clean lines.

An accurate attention is paid to details, like the custom-made carpet in a tone-on-tone weave or the frames that tell the story of the brand through images from a whole era.

A simplicity that embodies both tradition and modernity: a tradition that brings us back to a past linked to the earth, the sea, rocks, clean air, colors and strong feelings; a modernity expressed through the lines and the combination of the architectural elements.

The emotional impact is unique and it is the same that Chantecler jewels have always inspired with their precious stones!