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Founded by Alessandro Berluti in Paris in 1895, the Maison has become one of the most important luxury shoe brands in the world. The experiments carried out, which saw leather being treated with colour, have earned Berluti shoes the privilege of being considered a piece of art rather than just shoes. The list of Berluti’s famous customers includes John F. Kennedy, the Duke of Windsor, Aristotle Onassis, Robert De Niro, Andy Warhol, Gérard Depardieu, Yves Saint Laurent, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bryan Ferry.

The art of “tailor-made”, always at the heart of Berluti’s work, has contributed significantly to the creation of the Maison’s reputation, promoted by its aficionados to the rank of “cult status”. Berluti now offers prêt-à-porter shoe collections and leather items of outstanding quality, comfort and creativity.