Via Gesù, 1 20121 Milan, Italy

+39 02 76023307

Five windows overlooking one of the most scenic distrikts of the fashion. 150 square meters boutique is located in a historic building in the centre, designed as an elegant Italian home where all symbols of the brand divided into thematic areas find their space. The immediate feeling you get in an elegant and cozy residence, where every detail has been carefully chosen as expression of the most authentic expression of the Made in Italy. The interior with almost theatrical views, which is reflected in the lights, in marble, in armchairs, coatings, excellence of the materials, a culture of great tradition. A new boutique designed with a view of welcome, to reserve unique emotions of its clients. As the space devoted to Collection Barber, where fans of the brand will be able to enjoy an exclusive shaving service as in an old Italian Barbary. Or the Blue Mediterranean Italian Resort area, where to the customers will be offered a delicate ritual of hand massage to enjoy a moment of intimate relaxation.