Via Monte Napoleone, 18 20121 Milan, Italy

+39 02 76003095

Alberta Ferretti flagship is located on the prestigious via Monte Napoleone 18 in the heart of Milan’s fashion district.

Respecting the existing 18th century neo-classical building in which it’s situated was both a necessity and a starting point for the shop’s design. Sybarite’s approach was to strip the building back to its essential form, creating an extremely simple backdrop to highlight the femininity and lightness of the clothes. The original façade was maintained but the interior vestibule has been utilised, bringing the shop forward and allowing clear views into it from the street. Both of the existing doorways were glazed, one remaining an entrance and the other becoming a display.

Facing the front entrance, four large LED screens set flush into the structural columns present the latest runway shows and videos.

In accordance with conservation guidelines, the interior structural walls were all maintained, dividing the space into separate rooms connected by arching doorways. Once everything was stripped back to bare bones, the walls were painted pale warm grey and floors finished in white marble “seminato”.

In keeping with the Alberta Ferretti concept, lighting sets the mood and allows the clothes to become the focus. Barrisol screens back light wave-patterned glass, casting surreal shadows, while spotlighting on mannequins creates the impression that light is emanating from the product itself.

Sybarite have utilised the existing architectural structure of the building and the sculptural elements of the Alberta Ferretti concept to create a space which is sensual and atmospheric, complimentary to the collections without overshadowing them.